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This is really important so I'm going to say this gain. Eating more than what this chart shows will NOT make you stronger or give you bigger muscles, it will just make you FAT.

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This is the bulking myth - you don't need to get fat to get strong. As long as you are getting your six evenly spaced doses of protein as juodo velnio svorio metimas my this chart, your muscles will have the building blocks they need to grow bigger and stronger-- eating more will not help. Lets take a quick look at what happens if you are not careful with your diet and eat junk food.

Our hypothetical BBer needs 23g protein six times a day.

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Lets say that for each of his meals he eats a big mac which has 24g protein. Each burger has 24g protein so his muscles will grow well but man-o-man look at the calories!

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What this means is that our lb BBer would gain 3lbs fat per week or 12lbs of fat per month! Can you say sumo wrestler! You really need to watch what you eat!

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If you are going to all the work of lifting weighs 5 days a week, make sure you give your nutrition the same effort so your muscles can grow. Your protein requirements remain the same but the number of calories per meal drops so its even harder to find acceptable meals. Lets look at the numbers for those wanting to gain muscle and lose fat.

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Its virtually impossible to buy anything at a fast food restaurant or in TV dinner form which satisfies these requirements - you need to cook your own meals. For some meal suggestions, please check here.

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So remember that to gain muscle requires TWO things: 1. You have to lift weights consistently, with intensity and focus. You have to juodo velnio svorio metimas 6 small meals each with a good dose of protein.

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